EU Season 3

Week 1 - Upward

Match Date
02/13/2019 08:00 PM CET
Default Date
02/13/2019 08:00 PM CET

Home 2.00

Match Comms


sigafoo Admin
 02/10/2019 07:11 PM CET
Welcome to the first week of the third season of EU RGL Prolander!

In this first week you will be playing pl_upward, this is a stopwatch map so you will use the config rgl_stopwatch. This is Bo3 map type, so you will play first team to win two halves. For more information, you can read the full stopwatch rules @
If you have any issues, please use the support channel in our discord (
Good luck and have fun!

Gold - Sunburst
 02/11/2019 12:07 AM CET
We would like to reschedule to 02/13/2019 19:00 cet to avoid collision with other scrims/officials.

Gold Auto Generated - Sunburst
 02/11/2019 12:07 AM CET
Proposed rescheduled match date of 02/13/2019 07:00 PM CET

Gold - Sunburst
 02/13/2019 08:37 AM CET
proposed reschedule got declined, match will happen at the default day/time. Can provide screenshot of the conversation if needed.

TK_ - 4TheLogs legacy!
 02/13/2019 07:52 PM CET

Gold - Sunburst
 02/13/2019 07:53 PM CET
default merc accepted

Gold Auto Generated - Sunburst
 02/13/2019 09:30 PM CET
Match score submitted. Final score
Sunburst: 2.0
4TheLogs legacy!:1.0

Gold - Sunburst
 02/13/2019 09:31 PM CET
thanks for the games was a good match!