EU Season 1

Week 2 - Coalplant

Match Date
05/02/2018 08:00 PM CEST
Default Date
05/02/2018 08:00 PM CEST

Home 3.00
Away 0.00

Match Comms


Jesus Bond - Benevolent Bois
 05/02/2018 06:09 PM CEST
Bond: So
Bond: We playing tonight 20 cest?
Bond: That works with us I think
Emperor_Protect: hello! yes, we playing 20 cest
Bond: And you're hosting cos you're home?
Emperor_Protect: sure
Bond: both_coalplant correct?
Emperor_Protect: koth_coalplant
Bond: sorry yes autocorrect
Bond: Well see you then
Bond: And do you want to do the pick ban thing or not?
Emperor_Protect: not really
Bond: Ok that's fine

Emperor_Protect Auto Generated - Sober Bear
 05/02/2018 08:33 PM CEST
Match score submitted. Final score
Sober Bear: 3
Benevolent Bois:0